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ratty luv
Posted on 2010.08.24 at 08:30
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Image © ebonydragon, character © me

handcuffed to your heart

Rue reference

Posted on 2007.08.22 at 08:00
This is my angry, depressive, and somewhat gothy character. I have no art of her yet, but when I get some I'll add it here as a reference.

Name: Rue
Species: Red fox/red panda hybrid
Physical Description: muzzle shaped more like a fox, less like a red panda
build is slim, somewhat curvy, approximately 5'3"
tail is long
black tattoo on inner right wrist
she has numerous light-coloured horizontal scars on the inside of both lower arms

fur colours:
main - red
hair - white or black, front bangs are longish while back of hair is short and messy - bangs tend to fall over her right eye
eyes - blue-grey, full lashes
ears - white front, black back
muzzle and throat - white
face - mostly red with white spots over eyes and white stripe down cheeks that meet the white throat - like a red panda 0_0
belly - white
tail - red and white ringtail, but with black tip

This is an image of the tattoo on her wrist:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
orientation of tattoo: when facing as in the picture, elbow at top hand at bottom


Adding pictures.
by sono_cat
by Shinji
by fallimar

Neko default

Jogauni Quest Hints

Posted on 2007.05.03 at 07:50
Current Mood: lovedhelpful
I'm posting this in order to help people partaking in the Jogauni Quest in Second Life. The information is from a notecard I was given in-world, and was written originally by Azaria Sillanpaa and Saberwind Saarinen. I'm just transcribing it here in case there's someone like me who is loathe to ask for help in-world until desperate. The only changes I've made to the notecard is formatting and making the locations SLurls.

Jogauni Quest guideCollapse )

If you want a copy of the actual notecard, feel free to IM me (Aithley Savon) in-world.

Aithley tongue

Character Description

Posted on 2006.11.01 at 21:50
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This is a reference for those from whom I commission artwork.

Name: Aithley
Age: adult
Species: Golden Fox
Hair: blue, mid-length, chunky style
Eyes: Green
Main Fur: Golden Yellow
Belly Fur: Light Gold
Socks: Deep Brown
Nails & paw pads: Black
Ears: Pink inner ears, tufts shade from golden yellow to deep brown

Likes: Mice (live ones), crows & ravens (also live), coffee, chocolate
Dislikes: Ignorance, being cold

Jewelry: piercings in both ears, wrist cuffs common
other when appropriate
ALWAYS silver

Companions: cockatiel, mouse named Souris, raven named Bran

Clothing style: indie/hipster

Reference sheet by starcharmer.

Back of Right Ear
Back of Right Ear - rough placement (I suck at 3D placement)

Front of Left Ear
Front of Left Ear - rough placement

Neko default

Carolan reference

Posted on 2001.10.17 at 08:25
Name: Carolan
Height: 5'3" (not including ears)
Weight: approximately 110lbs
Age: adult
Skin tone: pale Caucasian
Hair: red, approximately to mid-back, generally pulled back in style of Chihiro in Spirited Away or left loose
Fur: red, matches hair
Tail: long furred
Ears: inner ears pinkish
Eyes: grey
Accessories: black-framed glasses, piercings in ears, silver collar ALWAYS
black studded tail wrap, wrist cuffs/bands common
Headphones and other music-related accessories when appropriate
Any jewelry is always silver
Clothing: indie/hipster inspired, usually jeans and t shirts/polo shirts

Credits: top picture by Ebony Dragon, bottom picture by n4nuk4